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SIMPLE  SIMPLE strategies to promote patient adherance to medications 4-1-05
Monkey PPV Study - autism This might ruffle some fur (pun intended), due to some the implications regarding the use of pornographic and People magazines (.pdf file) (added 2-1-05) 2-1-05
Seat belts work - no this is not just a nifty way to service the transfer case (don't try this at home) This was my vehicle after I hit a large patch of black-ice while doing freeway speeds (posted legal limit, of course) in the mountains on I-70 a few months ago. Throughout this ordeal I remained in my seat - eventually coming to a stop hanging upside down in my seatbelt with my head pressed against roof which was crushed down to the steering wheel. Seat belts work, though I must confess I only rarely wore mine before this event and I'm not sure why I wore it that day.
Teen  Survey 2005 Newspaper article about teen behaviors 9-15-05
Mandatory Error Reporting in Hospitals A very interesting article on the subtle and elusive dynamics of accountability systems in professional practice. 4-1-05

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