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This page will remain under construction for some time. Many of these materials will require the Macromedia Flash plugin for your browner, or the ubiquitous Adobe Acrobate Reader or plugin.

Warning: If you are subject to polygraph testing requirements, you would be better off not reading these materials as attempting to educate yourself regarding the polygraph technique is unlikely to improve your test results - even if you are telling the truth.

Training Pages An accumulation of training materials on polygraph and other topics
Introduction to the Polygraph Basic polygraph information (requires macromedia Flash plugin)
Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing (PCSOT) A brief orientation to the polygraph (Flash document)
Glossary and Definitions A useful lexicon - intended to reduce crazy-making surrounding PCSOT testing (HTML)
Quality Assurance Introduction and protocol for PCSOT Quality Assurance - offers only a protocol and rationale for QA, not a formal or administered program (Flash document)
Summary of PCSOT Testing for NM SOMB 9-14-04 Brief overview of  polygraph and PCSOT presentation for the New Mexico SOMB 9/14/2004 (.pdf document)
Advanced Polygraph Science - Training Presentation for Colorado SOMB Providers 12-7-2004 .PDF print of the powerpoint (OpenOffice.org Impress) document from a training presentation 12/7/2004) (long, almost 300 slides - 2MB file)
Test Theory Brief overview of testing theory and the polygraph
Predictive Statistics
A quick overview of predictive stats and the standard error of mean differences
Suitability and Unsuitability Suitability, Psychopathy and Unsuitability information
EPPA Text of  the Employee Polygraph Protection Act (1988)
Inconclusive Findings there's no such thing as a perfect test that works in all situations...
Polygraph Accuracy "It doesn't matter." quotation from an offender who failed several and then passed several polygraphs while under supervision in the community
Accuracy (NRC, 2003) Conclusions and information excerpted from the 2003 report by the National Academy of Sciences (National Research Council) and other sources
Can one learn to "beat" the polygraph? You can try...
Question Formulation cheap intertainment (wanna see examiners nit-pick each other...)
Psychological Basis Whodathunk that Pavlov had invented the polygraph...
Physiological Basis Oh, no! I can't control my autonomic nervous system.
Posteriori Error Estimation - Bayesian Analysis (Conditional Probability) pinhead stuff
Philosophy (five questions) another favorite topic... eptistemology, ethics, politics, existence, and aesthetics

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